about me and my label nouvelle vie

My name is ana and "nouvelle vie" is my way.

Inspired by my daydreams, searching for the extraordinary things, I found this way which makes me happy because it is different and does not hurt anybody…

 I discover and I invent. I combine and I change.  At the beginning I do not know the result and I’m often surprised what kinds of things are possible.

 I hope you accompany me a short way. Ana


 Nouvelle vie upcycles the eliminated formerly loved clothes from the deepness of our closets and gives them a new exciting life.

 Fancy second-hand pieces, lost treasuries of former times combined with exclusive bio cotton, could be proud of their new style. Even grandmas old flower doily has a revival.

 However the most beautiful thing is: nouvelle vie needs no animalistic products. I love and appreciate my animal friends and therefore I do it on a vegan way.   


nouvelle vie ethical design